ITransporting Cake in Car

Tips on how to travel with your cake

We want to make traveling with your cake as stress free and easy as possible so we gathered some tips to help you on the day you pick up your order.

Place cake in boot space of a car

The cake is boxed and ready to go, and let’s get it in the delivery vehicle.

  • Firstly make sure the car is clean & temperature is conducive for traveling with your cake & treats. 
  • Unless you have a van that will be pretty much a flat surface in the back; the best place to put the cakes is the boot of the car. Never put the cake boxes on a seat. No matter how flat you think your car seats are, they are not. Use boot space and floor space.
  • To avoid the boxes slipping around Alleycakes will provide a non-slip mat for you to use. Yoga mats, exercise mats, etc. are usually excellent for this too. Lay this across the boot of your car and then place the boxes on top.
  • Another trick is once the boxes are in if you have any space where you think the box could potentially move, pack these in with an empty box, folded up towel. Anything that you think will just safely fill that gap.

lastly arrive to your destination safely and enjoy your day!