From a young age I have always found joy in science and experimenting. Through this my Grandma, who was an amazing influence in my life, introduced me to baking and candy making. She taught me so many of her recipes along with her incredible techniques. When I was about 17 she created a whole cookbook for me that included our family secret recipes.

In college I would bake from the cookbook here and there, but in my second year of college I began  to really dive into my Grandma’s book. I  continued reading book after book. The baking world took me over! It was my new love and totally distracting hobby that I couldn’t stop learning and discovering. I started working for a local Irish Pub in which I would bring my treats in and for regular patrons to try. I brought treats to every function possible. I loved the feeling of getting lost in the kitchen for hours upon hours. After a few years of all this messing around, a friend asked me if I could cater her sister’s wedding. At this point I had not started creating cakes yet which was fine considering they were wanting more of a dessert table anyways. I designed mocked set-ups in my living room and just found my calling!  After my first wedding I had the itch and clients starting to build. My little beach house with an alleyway access to my modest kitchen was a haven to me where I created my sweet treats. Between that alleyway where it all began and my nickname being Alleycat, Alleycakes was created. I started fabricating displays and baking hundreds and hundreds of treats every weekend. I got to the point where I was doing 2-3 weddings a weekend and couldn’t bartend anymore. This hobby, this messing about became a full time. By 2014, I was lucky to meet someone to invest in my business, to invest in me. After finding our perfect space, our brick and mortar was open for business February 1st 2014. So piece by piece, learning lesson by lesson, Alleycakes has grown into who we are today. WE have grown from a special-order-only-company to now as we enter our 4th year a full retail bakery. You are able to come treat yourself with all the delicious sweets for any special occasion! I would have never dreamed that I would make so many people’s days, weddings and special events so much sweeter! I feel blessed to be able to do what I love and continue to provide the sweetest joy for our local community!